Fiscal Consultancy

If you need help to file your income tax return, submit quarterly tax returns or find out about tax deductions, at CONSULTORES FINANCIERO LABORALES we can help you take the worry out of these obligations.

Our tax consultancy is made up of qualified professionals and we have a team of tax experts and economists to guide you in other aspects of your business. We help you not to forget any obligations and we suggest tax changes that will benefit your business and your pocket. We offer planning, advice and management of tax paperwork for your business.

Services included in fiscal-accounting:

  • Unlimited tax and accounting consultations.
  • Monitoring and control of the accounts with special year-end accounting entries.
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly tax returns and annual summaries.
  • Assistance to tax management and collection bodies of the State Tax Administration Agency in terms of communications, sanctions and clarifications (not including tax inspections).
  • Completion and submission to the corresponding Commercial Registry of the legalisation of the obligatory accounting books, the journal, the balance sheets, as well as the annual report.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the Minute Books and Members’ Books and their transcription into these books of the minutes of the meetings held and of the movements of members.
  • Drawing up the certificates of the meetings and legalisation of the authorised signatures at the notary’s office.
  • Preparation and filing of the annual accounts.
  • Incorporation of both civil and commercial companies.
  • Assistance in Tax Inspections.
  • Advice on inheritance procedures and preparation of settlement models.
  • Any state or regional tax for both residents and non-residents.
  • Legal services and collaboration with law firms and technical offices