Legal - Labour Consultancy

Defence of companies and workers in claims for payment and claims for dismissal, mobbing, intervention in legal proceedings in the different instances of the social jurisdiction, and given the existing problems in today’s society, we are specialists in employment regulation proceedings, defence before labour inspections, and claims before the FOGASA.

Labour law

  • Defence in disciplinary proceedings.
  • Employee-employee conflict resolution.
  • Individual dismissals, redundancy procedures, bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Assistance to Smac.
  • Defence of companies and employees in all types of proceedings (claims for payment, dismissal, etc.).
  • Harassment at work (MOBBING), including advice in criminal and administrative proceedings.
  • Claims before FOGASA.
  • Administrative and judicial claims for retirement, temporary disability, absolute permanent disability and severe disability pensions, as well as widowhood, orphanhood and non-contributory pensions.
  • Accidents at work.
  • Proceedings for the protection of fundamental rights.
  • Incidents of readmission in dismissals.
  • Special procedures for fixing the date on which leave is to be taken.
  • Union elections, professional classification.
  • Substantial modification of working conditions.
  • Provisional and final enforcement of judgments on dismissals and amounts.
  • Resources